Director of the Nano Science and Technology Department

Assistant Professor
Contact Number

Nanoscience Department

Phone number of the group manager: 083-34274559


:Faculty Members:

Fellow Dr. Arman Taherpour - Professor
Fellow of Dr. Mohammad Jushaghani - Professor
Fellow of the group Dr. Ezzat Rafiei - Professor
Fellow Dr. Abdolhamid Alizadeh - Professor
Fellow Dr. Dr. Kioumorts Bahrami - Professor
Associate Professor Mustafa Feizi - Associate Professor
Fellow Dr. Mohammad Jafarzadeh - Assistant Professor
Associate Professor Dr. Amir Reza Abbasi - Assistant Professor


Introducing the group

The nanochemistry group was formed at the beginning of the nineties from professors with a history of nanoscience at the Faculty of Chemistry. This group accepts graduate and postgraduate degrees and has specialized laboratories in the fields of nano science. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the nanochemical group, the labs of this group are composed of research laboratories of inorganic chemistry groups, organic chemistry as well as physical chemistry.