Research and Executive Vice President


Prof. Kiumars Bahrami

Position: Research and Executive Vice Preside

Education: PhD in Organic Chemistry
Academic Degree:Ph.D.
Phone: 34277464 (83) 98+
Address: Kermanshah - Silk Garden, Razi University, Faculty of Chemistry, Office of Education and Research

Introducing Research Deputy

Includes picture, biography and brief resume
He was born in Kermanshah, Iran. He graduated from primary and secondary education in Kermanshah and graduated from high school in Bentolhadi Sadr University of Razi in the city of Kermanshah. Then he was admitted to chemistry to continue his studies at Razi University. He also completed his postgraduate course At Sharif University of Technology in 1374, he graduated from the Department of Organic Chemistry with the Polymer and completed his specialization in Khaje Nasir al-Din Tusi University in 1394 and then taught as a faculty member at the Faculty of Chemistry at Razi University. is.
Describe the tasks of deputy research
Supervise the implementation of educational regulations and regulations
 Planning and adjusting the necessary administrative procedures
. Internal monitoring and evaluation of training groups
Supervising the provision of service courses and tuition rights
- Establishing a relationship and coordination with the relevant directors of the university's university deputy in order to implement the regulations and educational regulations approved.
 Regular meetings of the College of Education and Graduate Schools and participation in educational sessions and meetings.
 Review the need to launch new disciplines and trends in the faculty
Follow the implementation of regulations and research and other duties of the deputy of research and technology of dance at the faculty
 Review the faculty upgrade and faculty status
 Follow up of the administrative and financial regulations and other administrative instructions at the Faculty. 11. Preparing and submitting the annual report of research and support of the faculty.
 Co-ordination with the university student's deputy to plan for the relevant UM
. Conduct and supervise the cultural activities of students at the Faculty of the Wind. Cooperation with the Deputy of Cultural Affairs of the University
 Other duties assigned by the head of the faculty.
Research Experts
1- Azar Omidi
Email: a.omidi @
 Head of Research and Technology
Contact number: 8334277464
List of laboratories and college research centers
-Designing chemistry of Dr. Shamsipour
Research on Chemistry Analysis of Dr. Ghaliwand
Dr. Irandust analyzes chemistry
 Dr. Jalali's Chemical Analysis Research
Chemistry Research
Mineral Research Dr. Jashouqani
Mineral Research Dr. Shahabadi
Nanotechnology Research Laboratory and Quoran Dynasty Poly Mines
Catholic Research Laboratory
II & I Inorganic Chemistry
II & I General Chemistry
 Physical chemistry (technical) II & I Chemistry Physics
Laboratory of Water Treatment Principles and Industrial Wastewater
Decomposition chemistry one (classical decomposition), double decomposition chemistry (electrochemical), chemical decomposition chemistry
Water and Sewage Research Dr. Zaynatizadeh
Organic research Dr. Khoda'i
Organic Research Dr. Bahrami
Organic research Dr. Alizadeh
Computational Research by Dr. Ranjbar
Research by Dr. Feizi and Dr. Rafiee